Historic Picture Of The Hall

Greenlaw War Memorial Hall was built in 1882 by local gentlemen and funded through volunteering contributions from local people and remains community owned.

Originally known as The Good Templars Hall, it’s name was changed to The War Memorial Club in 1919 following World War 1.

The hall fell into decline and disrepair and closed in early 2007.

It was built originally for the general benefit and social improvement of the community and those very values motivated the committee to have the renovations carried out.

The Hall Now

The committee started fundraising in late 2007, and with that and various other grants, including Lottery funds have been able to completely renovate the hall, creating a coffee shop, snooker hall, museum and general facilities for hire and use by the community.

Local heritage museum incorporated into the hall, open during hall hours, features revolving exhibition featuring local crafts and memorabilia.